Residential concrete driveway, cement mixer

Concrete Paving

The durability and versatility of concrete makes it a superior material choice for driveway replacement. Please request a quote for a concrete option in addition to your asphalt quote so you can compare the initial cost difference. Consider concrete as an option for all of your projects.

Services Include:

• Driveways
• Sidewalks
• Patios
(Colored & Stamped Options)
• Garage Approaches
• Parking Pads & Extensions
• Basement & Garage Slabs
(New Construction & Replacement)
• Curb & Gutter
• Parking Bollards
• Dumpster Pads
• Catch Basin Repair
• Retaining Walls & Brickwork

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A: Residential concrete is typically poured at 4” while commercial concrete is poured based on the specifications to accommodate heavier and more frequent traffic.

A: We recommend staying off of the driveway for a minimum of one week for vehicles or anything heavier than regular foot traffic. Regular foot traffic can resume after 48 hours.

A: Often times when installing new concrete the grade of the new surface changes to ensure proper drainage. Because of that, the owner should expect to have to regrade and repair the landscape adjacent to the new concrete.

A: Hand tooled joints are created while the concrete is still workable. These joints have a more decorative appearance. Saw cut joints are cut into the concrete after the material has hardened. Saw cut joints are straighter and lower profile. Saw cut joints allow for more concrete to be poured at one time allowing for more efficient workflow on larger projects.

A: To perform the work we will need: 1. A signed contract 2. 25% Down payment on any work over $5,000

Concrete Post Care Instructions

• Foot Traffic may resume 24 hours after pour.

• Vehicle Traffic may resume 7 days after pour.

• The driveway is graded and poured to correctly drain water, which may result I the new driveway grade not matching existing landscaping.

• Contacting a landscaping company to back fill edges of new asphalt is REQUIRED to prevent erosion and premature cracking after Black Earth Paving work is completed.

• If salting, Calcium Chloride should be used in place of rock salt.

• Salt should be kept to a minimum to avoid stone pops.

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